Welcome to our Senior Athletes (18+) program! We have a dedicated team of experienced leaders and coaches to guide you through your fitness journey. Take a look at our team:

It’s Summer season now so we all meet at Torre Valley North for 🌞😁 training, starting time 18.30 ⌚⌚ on a Tuesday and a Thursday. If you want to try us for free that’s fine, you can have 3 training sessions on us, then you can decide no problem. 👍👍😉

Level 1 – Greg Fine: Coach

Level 2 – Andy Philippou: Group Leader

Level 3 – Anita Merritt: Coach, Jan Barrett Coach

Level 4 – Iaen Sell and Deb Webber:, All Group Leaders

Level 5 – Mark Smith and Heather Eve all Group Leaders

Level 6 – Kevin Fine: Group Leader

In addition to our leaders and coaches, we have Greg Fine as our senior coach and Steve Cottle as the junior coach leader.

To help you gauge your pace and distance, we have established guidelines for each level:

Level 1:  Distance: 5K or less of walking/jogging and running, breaks if required.

Level 2: Pace: 12:00-10:00 minutes per mile, Distance: 5/6 miles

Level 3: Pace: 10:00-8:00 minutes per mile, Distance: 6/7 miles

Level 4: Pace: 9:30-8:30 minutes per mile, Distance: 6/8 miles

Level 5: Pace: 8.30-7:30 minute per mile, Distance 7/9 miles

Level 6: Pace: 7:00-6:00 minutes per mile, Distance: 7.5/10 miles

Join us for our training sessions:

Endurance Run on Tuesdays at 6:30pm

Speed Work on Thursdays at 6:30pm

We also offer Circuit Training sessions every Wednesday from 6:30pm to 7:30pm at our club house located in Torre Valley North.