Monday 8th July

The Portreeve Challenge 10k
On a very hot Thursday evening 3 Torbay AAC members took part in The Portreeve Challenge 10k which saw 134 runners take on the hills and scenic country lanes of Ashburton, through the River Dart Country Park before heading back to the finish line in the town centre. Torbay AAC athlete Peter Monaghan claimed podium position 3rd place in a time of 36:19, 47 Kav Solder 52:03, 108 Gemma Radcliffe 1:07

Erme Valley Relays.

Friday night and ten Torbay AAC teams tied up their laces and donned the red and gold club colours in preparation for the ever popular Erme Valley Relays. A record 155 teams of four from all over the county took on the fast and furious 4km course that winds around the country lanes of Ivybridge. For some it was a first race experience, a perfectly inclusive, exciting and fun event. It was a hot evening with humidity hanging heavy in the air, one by one the athletes shot out of the starting pens to the roar of the spectators. Around the bend and then into the quiet, shade of the country lanes. A downhill section to get the legs ticking over, twisting and turning, kicking down the dusty lanes. Overtaking the runner in front became essential to avoid eating dust! Then the hills, hard in the heat, a steady push, and just when you think you’re done, another. But it’s fast and before long you are pounding across the flyover, down the lane, around the corner to the rapturous applause of the finish funnel. The next runners waiting nervously in the pen to do it all again.
Erme Valley Harriers once again hosted a spectacular event with the added bonus of a bar and cheesy chips.
Torbay AAC produced some outstanding individual and team results. The Female 45-54 team (Karen Baddely, Sara Crozier, Hayley Ratcliff and Betsy Bebbington) won their category.
Team results as follows:
First home were the Senior Male team in position 25 Kevin Fine (14:47), Christopher Billing (15:44), Adam Taylor (16:02), David Cooper (16:14) total 62:47
33 mv40, Ian Hayward (17:10), Nick Robinson (16:31), Steve Weeks (15:26), Martyn Breslan (15:08) total 64:15
55 mv50 David Maxwell (17:48), Nick Dance (18:29), Paul Frissen (17:14), Anthony Raine (15:38), total 69:09
59 mixed team Anthony Raine (15:27), Kav Solder (19:04), Dan Bickford Beers (17:11), Fay Cameron (18:26) total 70:08
72 1st FV 45, Karen Baddeley (17:50), Sara Crozier (18:30), Hayley Ratcliffe (19:15), Betsy Bebbington (18:12) total 73:47
93 MV50, Ian Sharrock (20:15), Andy Philippou (20:50), Ray Brown (20:16), Ian Hayward (17:51), total 79:12
106 MV40 Mark Smith (19:13), Mark Luscombe (21:49), Peter Reeve (20:31), Nick Dance (19:30), total 81:03
122 FV45 Karen Frissen (19:41), Lisa Belsten (22:09), Fizz Davies (23:48), Tess Harefield (21:55), total 87:33
128 FV35 Alma Ruiz (21:27), Michele Sandu (23:36), Caroline Welan (22:40), Beth Gibbons (21:15), total 88:58
131 FV35 Natalie Higgs (24:22), Gemma Radcliffe (24:22), Anita Ley (22:29), Karen Frissen (20:32), total 92:05

Emmendingen City run 10k.

On Friday in Germany Torbay AAC’s Debbie Drake did Emmendingen City run 10k. 33° at the start and very humid and like running in a sauna. A 4 lap course on cobbled streets around the town finishing in the Market place for a street party with music and food. Drake finished 176/233 1st in age cat. 51.59. Debbie’s weekend if competition wasn’t quite finished. On Sunday she ran and had to walk a bit the Kybfelsenlauf, a mountain 12k with ascent of 500m. A technical course with some very steep rocky climbs wonderful views of Freiburg at the top. She finished in 1.21.36. 3rd in age cat. Debbie took a nasty fall in the last 1k smashing her elbow, knee and bruising her hip, but was happy to report that she is ok! smashing her elbow, knee and bruising her hip, but was happy to report that she is ok!

Ham and Lyme Ultra.

There was no rest this weekend for Torbay’s Dan Bickford Beers and Kav Solder. Saturday saw them competing in the Ham and Lyme Ultra. The course was a challenging 50k with 3,316 feet of elevation.
The Ham & Lyme races take in the stunning Liberty Trail, which runs from Ham Hill Country Park in Somerset to Lyme Regis in Dorset, taking in some fabulous locations along the way, including the enchanting Wayford Woods, the breathtaking panoramas from Lambert’s Castle (if the mist stays away!) and a number of pretty villages, before descending to wonderful Lyme Regis with its famous Cobb.