Monday 3rd December

Bicton Blister and Lite 
Torbay Athletic Club had eleven members line up at Bicton College to take on the Blister and Lite races. The Blister was an undulating 10 miles around Woodbury Common, through the woods and across streams, the mud lovers were not disappointed. At the highest point of the longer route runners were blessed with the presence of a bagpiper on the hill giving the setting a noble and atmospheric grace. It was easy to see why the area has been described as being of outstanding natural beauty.

The Torbay AAC team ran well in a field of fierce off-road runners, individual results as follows:
First home in position 39 Steve Weeks (1:11:22), 133 Paul Frissen (1:25:28 ), 139 Fay Cameron (1:26:07), 180 Fleur Ricklin (1:30:00), 199 Deb Webber (1:32:35), 209 Hayley Ratcliffe (1:33:39), 228 Sara Crozier (1:35:41), 313 Chris Norman (1:48:08).

Three members took on the Blister Lite, 75 Andrew Park (58:44), 73 Irene Hewings (58:43), 89 William Valentine(1:05:32)the 4.5 mile Lite. It was a great day out for the team, everybody loved the course and said it would definitely be on the agenda for next year. Many thanks to Exmouth Harriers for such a well organised enjoyable event.

The Burrator Night Run

Mark Bruce TAAC was running in the 4th Burrator 10 mile Night Run night on Dartmoor. Weather was shocking, with rain and thick fog making the race a challenge but fantastic run many are happy to get wet in the dark boggy wet land descent from Guttor Tor down to a Meavy Splash in the ford. Distance ended up at 10.5miles which Mark covered in (1:35: 51).