Monday 1st July

Torbay AAC athlete Kav Solder had a busy week, first coming 4th lady from a field of 85 runners in the South Brent Carnival 5k off road race in a time of 25:07. Kav then went on to race with Dan Bickford-Beers in the Umborne Ug on Saturday. They were racing on tired legs after a heavy week of training. It was a well thought out course with lots of hills and stunning scenery hosted by Axe Valley Runners. A combination of draining heat and Devon hills made for a tough race. Dan finished position 24 in a time of 56:07 and Kav finished in position 62 (1:12:34) and was 3rd place Senior Female. 

Seelbach Black Forest Summer Run

On Friday Debbie Drake ran the Seelbach Black Forest Summer Run in Germany. A 10k in very hot conditions of 29 degrees with very high humidity. Runners were told at the start to not race just run and enjoy. Although some athletes struggled running in such heat and humidity Debbie finished in 51.30 233/500 for a podium finish for second in age category. Debbie commented that there was a great atmosphere with bands and a cold beer at the finish!

Smugglers Smugglers Scuttler

Brian Lewis ran this hilly technical Coastal Half Marathon from Lands End to Cape a hilly technical Coastal Half Marathon from Lands End to Cape Cornwall. Runners pick up some Rum , coins and jewels and run back to Lands End with the booty. Brian finished 65th in 3:06:45