Monday 18th February

Beat the Train 

Twelve TAAC members entered the “Beat the Train” race, which started from South Devon Railways Totnes Station, where after the engine whistle to blew, the 6.8 mile race began along riverside paths and woodland trails, from Totnes to Staverton and back. In 31st place Betsy Bebbington No14  was only Torbay Club member to just beat that train by just 4 seconds!

Results were 31 Betsy Bebbington (59:56:03) 64 Kav Solder (1:02:41)- 83 Chris Norman (1:04:28)- 87 Debbie Drake (1:04:43)-89 Steve Rowe (1:05:01)- 95 Cassandra Harrison (1:05:56)-125 Mark Luscombe (1:10:22)-138 Anita Ley (1:11:40)-190 Michele Sandhu (1:20:08)-204 Gemma Radcliffe (1:22:09)- 214 Alice Barker (1:24:49)-252 Andy Park (1:32:20)