Monday 17th June

Twenty Torbay AAC runners competed in the Dawlish Dash last Thursday. The well-organised, 4-mile coastal race included an energy-zapping 1-mile beach section at the start, running along soft sand, followed by a stunning run along the sea wall. Then a tricky hill before returning to Dawlish Warren via the cycle path. Very beautiful but a bit of a challenge!
2nd place overall and first Torbay athlete home was Pete Monaghan (22:02). Other top ten runners included Martyn Breslan in 7th place (24:31) and Anthony Raine 9th place (25:07). Nick Robinson 14th (27:01), Dan Bickford-Beers 18th (27:44), Steve Monaghan (26th, 29:13). First lady for Torbay and 4th lady overall was Cassandra Harrison (30th place, 29:34), Brian Lewis (34th, 30:05), Hayley Ratcliff (37th, 30:35) and Sara Jane Crozier (40th, 31:12), Mark Smith (43rd, 31:42), Kav Solder (47th, 32:14), Ray Brown (52nd, 32:41), Tas Felstead (60th, 32:50), Mary Schoeneberg (61st, 33:18), Andy Philippou (75th, 34:27), Mark Luscombe (80th, 34:42), Tessa Hearfield (59th, 35:10), Felicity Davies (115th, 38:23), Natalie Higgs (120th, 38:52) and Irene Hewings (145th, 42:38). 166 runners completed the event.

Haldon Forest Relays was a new event on the off road calendar but as soon as Team Torbay AAC saw it they knew it was right up their trail! In the end seven teams of four made their way to the idyllic setting of Haldon Forest to each run a 3km leg. Torbay was well represented across all age groups and team categories.
The undulating run started at the top of a hill with a gentle descent along a track, runners then switched onto a forest trail to take on the steady and steep uphill stretch. At the peak of the hill the runner in front was perfectly silhouetted in the fading light. The tree line opened up revealing a clear vista across the Exe and surrounding area. At this point the runners knew it was a last push along the gravel path, back into the trees, dodging the rocks and roots on the narrow trail, a tight turn and the final lung busting kick to the finish line.
The men’s team came second place in the vet 50-59 category and second place for the ladies 45-54 team, the mixed team claimed 3rd place amongst fierce competition and the ladies 35-44 team also took third spot in their category. Karen Baddeley claimed 1st fv55 and Sara Crozier 1st fv50.

First team home for Torbay AAC was the mixed team coming 4th in category,position 16 (total time 47:51) Steve Weeks 11:30, Chris Billing 11:37, Fay Cameron 13:29, Martyn Breslan 11:15.
22 Senior Men (total 49:37) Nick Robinson 12:28, Adam Taylor 12:08, Peter Hart 13:04, Steve Weeks 11:57.
25 2nd MV50-59 team (52:01) Anthony Raine 11:39, David Maxwell 13:18, Peter Reeve (15:13), Anthony Raine (11:51)
40 2nd FV45-54 (57:39) Karen Baddeley 13:35, Deb Webber 15:16, Sara Crozier 14:21, Hayley Ratcliffe 14:27
51 MV40-49 (1:03:01) Andy Philippou 15:59, Mark Luscombe 16:09, Keith Simpson 15:39, Pete McCaig 15:14
53 FV35-44 (1:04:13) Lisa Haley 15:42, Alma Ruiz 15:45, Michele Sandhu 17:02, Anita Merritt 15:44
55 SF 18-34 Gemma Radcliffe 17:19, Alice Barker 18:09, Tas Felstead 15:05, Katie Codling 14:56

Individual leg results as follows:
Position 41 Martyn Breslan in a time of 11:15, 53 Steve Weeks (11:30), 64 Christopher Billing (11:37), 67 Anthony Raine (11:39), 72 Anthony Raine taking on another leg (11:51), 73 Steve Weeks on a second leg (11:57), 83 Adam Taylor (12:08), 91 Nick Robinson (12:28), 107 Peter Hart (13:04), 114 David Maxwell (13:18), in position 123 Fay Cameron first Torbay lady in (13:29), 126 Karen Baddeley 1st fv55 (13:35), 145 Sara Crozier 1st fv50 (14:21), 150 Hayley Ratcliffe 2nd fv50 (14:27), 174 Katie Codling (14:56), 184 Tas Felstead (15:05),186 Peter Reeve (15:13), 187 Peter McCaig (15:14), 188 Deb Webber (15:16), 196 Keith Simpson (15:39), 197 Lisa Haley (15:42), 199 Anita Merritt (15:44), 200 Alma Ruiz (15:45), 203 Andy Philipou (15:59), 208 Mark Luscombe (16:09), 218 Michele Sandhu (17:02), 223 Gemma Radcliffe (17:19), 228 Alice Barker (18:09).