Monday 16th December

Seventeen Torbay AAC junior and adult members made the trip to the 4th Westward League Cross Country Meeting at Westward Ho!. The conditions didn’t disappoint the hardy cross country runners with strong blustery winds, showers, water crossings and lots of mud. Full results on the day were: SM 8,880m, 45 Sonny Harvey 37:34, 46 Anthony Raine 37.40, 53 Steve Weeks 38.31, 82 Martyn Breslan 43.50, 84 Peter Hart 44:38 and 94 Andy Philippou 50.34. U15B 4,800m, 7 Ben Osmond 20.14, 8 James Larkin 21.04. U13B 4,000m, 9 Liam McQueen-Mason 16.51, 13 Thomas Ward 17.42. SW 5,600m, 54 Sarah Crozier 29.04, 64 Hayley Ratcliff 30.55, 72 Anne Fairey 32.45. U17W 5,600m, 26 Holly Leman-Liberal 26.01, 51 Chloe Weeks 28.52. U15G 4,000m, 7 Emma Harrison 17.58. U11G 1,600m, 4 Paige Quinn 6.40.

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232 runners took part in this year’s Race the Light. Incredibly we all made it back before dark and before the tide turned.
This year’s race was deceptively dry, bright and light, but not light-weight by any means. 8.5 miles of trail running ploughed through the freezing waters of the River Erme, to be met by an extremely glutenous mud and sludge-fest on the forested estuarine trails of the Flete Estate. It was like brown glue and treacle and we all had really tanned legs, until the ice bath of the Erme cleansed our aching limbs on the return to present us pristine and immaculate for the grand finale photographs. Results: Cassandra Harrison 1.31.51. Chris Norman 1.34.53. Mark Luscombe 1.36.40. Michele Sandhu 1.51.49 Gemma Radcliffe 1.54.59

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4 Torbay AAC Athletes took on the Festive 10 km Haldon Jingle Bell run in the beautiful setting of Haldon Forest. Ahead of the Christmas indulgences all 4 opted for the longer two lap course. The hilly course gave competitors some spectacular views. Results: 53 Kevin McGovern 0:54:40, 65 Lisa Haley 0:60:02, 75 Irene Hewings 0:65:07, 76 Debbie Drake 0:65:

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