Monday 15th July

Torbay Athletic Club was happy to support Newton Abbot Carnival by participating in The Decoy Country Park 5k , 11 members took on the two lap course which skims around the lake. The shady, cool tree cover a welcome respite from the sunny, humid evening. The trails were wide, dry and well packed on the popular walking routes but before long the path narrowed and participants were faced with a more technical section, a short but challenging climb through the trees, some mud, gravel and tree roots. Then dropping back down and around to the race headquarters. Torbay AAC produced some great runs in very hot conditions. First home for the club in position 5 Martyn Breslan (21:25), 6 Anthony Raine (21:32), 8 Adam Taylor (21:42), 14 Kieran Raine (23:25), 15 Ian Hayward (23:26), 20 3rd lady Sara Crozier (25:33), 21 Cassandra Harrison (25:45), 33 Lisa Belsten (30:16), 34 Irene Hewings (30:17), 43 Anita Ley (31:24), 47 Kav Solder (joining the extra mile club!) (34:33).

The Decoy Country Park 5k

Haytor Heller

Ten Torbay AC members took on the 34th running of the Haytor Heller by Teignbridge Trotters on Saturday evening. The race starts below Haytor Rock and follows a hilly 6 mile route with steep hills, rugged terrain, open moorland, woodland and stream crossings. First home for the club in 35 Steve Weeks (0:51:36), 82 Ian Hayward (0:58:11), 151 Mike Davies (1:07:06), 160 Ray Brown (1:08:56), 161 Kav Solder (1:08:58), 163 Ian Sharrock (1:09:10), 171 Andy Philippou (1:10:30), 181 Anita Merritt (1:12:00), 187 Tessa Hearfield (1:12:41), 199 Sally Davies (1:15:31).

Snowdonia Trail Marathon

On Sunday Torbay AC’s Mark Bruce completed the Snowdonia Trail Marathon which is a challenge in every sense of the word. Ascending 1,700 metres over 27 miles of iconic and spectacular trails, this epic race circumnavigates and eventually climbs Wales’ highest peak – Snowdon. The incredible route explores the trails, gorgeous panoramic views and tough climbs. Mark finished 162 out of 646 in 5:37:40.

Also on Sunday Torbay AC’s Tas Felstead took on and completed the 10km Muddy Furlong in Daventry for fun which consisted of two 5km muddy laps with water obstacles.